Mo’bettah Double India Pale Ale

Mo'bettah double ipa tap handle.

Why PIB Mo’Bettah? Well because it is Mo’Bettah! This is a big bold DIPA (Double/Imperial IPA) with a perfect mix of hops. Mo’Bettah has a big smell, big body and big flavor. This DIPA is what you would expect from a DIPA. Dry hopped in two stages, this is a beer for craft beer fan that love hops and all the great flavors that they want in a craft beer. Mo’bettah means that we strive to do what is right in all that we do.

  • Name – Mo’bettah
  • Style – Double India Pale Ale
  • ABV – 8.5

Available in the Tasting Room!

Mo’bettah double ipa tiki.

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